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Cubic Frog® Apps makes children’s educational games to create lasting learning experiences through play. Awakening problem-solving skills, imagination, and the joy of learning these apps are as innovative and unique as little learners. Cubic Frog® creates games for all kids, all over the world! Each game can be played in 12 different languages: English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Persian, French, German, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese.


12 Different language options for every game!

Brain Development

Fun activities to specifically stimulate early creative childhood cognition!

Problem Solving

Building fundamental skills to develop positive lifelong learning patterns!

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Cubic Frog® Fun Educational Games!

Preschool EduMath 2 Mobile Learning Game screenshot
Preschool EduMath 1 Screenshot of classroom with two little cartoon kids
Preschool EduBirthday Screenshot, match the birthday hat to the kids heads
Preschool EduKidsRoom Screenshot of build the train puzzle
EduKitty ABC Screenshot of ABC tracing game
Preschool EduKitchen Screenshot of different kitchen learning games
Preschool EduKitty Screenshot of color blobs
Preschool EduPaint Screenshot of all the different Preschool EduPaint games
iMake IcePops Screenshot with different color and shapes of icepops
iMake Lollipops Screenshot with all different color lollipops and funny decorations
iMake Giant Gummies Screenshot, creating a giant gummy bear with rainbow sprinkles on top
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