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10 Favorite DIY Forts for Kids

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  • Photo collage of different indoor and outdoor kids forts

10 Favorite DIY Forts for Kids

Cubic Frog® sees serious value in creating and nurturing a special space for children to relax and call their own. Forts can also be incredibly useful tools for those kids with sensory processing disorders in order to provide a calming space from overstimulation. And not to mention the process of building a fort is a wonderful exercise in problem solving, instruction following, gross motor skill building, and engineering.

Here’s Cubic Frog® totally fort-tastic list of fort favorites!

1. OhDearDrea easy to follow, beautiful triangle tent is perfect kids of all ages that will survive and grow with your little ones, from baby to toddlers to bigger kids!

OhDearDrea tent photoOhDearDrea DIY tent instructions drawing.


2. SewMamaSew no sew tee-pee is the perfect outdoor project for us sewing-impaired parents!

SewMamaSew no sew tee pee pictures

3. Retractable Clothesline Play Tent by Raechel Myers is a great space-saving solution for quick, easy, inexpensive DIY forts for kids set up.

Retractable Clothesline Play Tent

4. She Knows Easy to make collapsable cardboard playhouse is recycled, reusable, and made in minutes with supplies you definitely have laying around the house. Paint the outside for added art project to make it even more custom.

Foldable Cardboard Tent by She Knows. Easy DIY kids tent made with materials everyone has in their home!

5. For an extra special sensory fort experience try this extra special light tunnel by Sugar Aunts.

Sensory Light Tunnel Picture

6. Air Fort by MomTrusted is another easy DIY forts for kids using materials almost everyone already has at home plus is a great way to keep cool during summertime.

DIY Air fort picture

7. Bean Tee Pee A special outdoor hiding spot that’s alive and edible! Learn about the life cycle of plants and vegetables while growing your very own secret garden.

Bean Tee Pee picture

8. Pool Noodle Play House by From ABC’s to ACT’s proves that you really can do anything with pool noodles! All you need is some duct tape, pool noodles, and a bit of fabric and you’ve got an incredible flexible, soft, totally mobile play house great for kids of all ages big and small!

Pool Noodle Play House Picture

9. The classic table to fort with a magical twist, Table Fort by The Beetle Shack is serious inspiration to whip out fabric scraps, the sewing machine, and take your DIY forts for kids to the next level.

The Beetle Shack Table Fort Design Picture

10. Hula Hoop Outdoor Fort by ikat bag is another quick and easy way to create a shaded, outdoor space that encourages kids to spend quiet relaxing time outdoors. A great project to do together as a family.

Outdoor Hula Hoop Fort Picture

10 Favorite DIY Forts for Kids by Cubic Frog®