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6 Simple Tips to Go Green as a Family!

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6 Simple Tips to Go Green as a Family!

Here at Cubic Frog® headquarters we’re always trying to contribute positively to an environment that’s friendly for all our frog fans and friends.

To go green can seem like a daunting task, but in fact, we’ve found helping the environment can be found in tiny, simple everyday solutions.

We’re happy to share a few here:

Tip 1: Stop the paper waste and do some fun learning activities electronically!

Every bit as important as not overdoing screentime is not over-using resources like paper and food. Sensory activities are very important, but maybe we should think twice about wasting three boxes of spaghetti to create an activity for children (that doesn’t actually involve eating the noodles).

There are plenty of apps that utilize fine motor skills, bright colors and sounds for sensory stimulation, and teach children problem solving skills without the need for using up lots of paper and other resources. In fact, we are happy to offer you our collection for free right here.

Tip 2: Know your recycling rules!

Recycling can be… complicated. Our recommendation is simple: google your town and the words ‘recycle rules’. Most towns have charts and clear, numerical rules.

Now, the most important step: label your recycle bins directly with the clear rules on which items go where. Create as many bins as you need (one for plastic lids, one for glass, etc) in order to make things simple. The trick is to prepare a recycling space that makes everyday recycling something you don’t have to think twice about.

Tip 3: Always carry a tote bag!

We’re busy people, so when we have a moment to go grocery shopping or do other errands we snatch up the opportunity. Hurray! And then all the sudden we’re walking out of the store with 7 new plastic bags. Boo!

Tote bags are compact enough to keep every and anywhere. And, they come in an infinite variety of cute styles, which means no one minds having lots and they make great, green gifts for others. New rule: never leave home without your tote and hide extra totes in places like the car, different purses, strollers, etc.

Tip 4: Buy compostable items / Replace old plastic items with new, compostable items

Did you know you can just as easily buy compostable bamboo toothbrushes, dish scrubbers, disposable plates and utensils, and trash bag liners? Basically every plastic household item you use can be replaced by compostable, biodegradable items. And most of these items can be easily ordered online or found in stores. It’s just that simple!

Tip 5: Make a 5 minute shower playlist

When we say we love our showers, we mean we LOVE our showers. But, long showers are a serious environmental ‘no, no’. The only thing that can possibly get us out of the shower quicker? Beyonce, of course. Create a special morning playlist that is around 5 minutes as a way of knowing, when the jams are done, so must be your shower. It’s a great way for kids to also keep track of their shower time. And anyway, singing in the shower isn’t as much fun when you don’t have your backing vocals.

Tip 6: Go on a thrift shopping spree!

The greenest way to use an item is to re-use it. Going thrift shopping is a serious trend right now and for good reasons. Many vintage items are made with special fabrics, materials, and assembled in sustainable ways that simple don’t exist today. Plus, who doesn’t love finding that one amazing, one of a kind vintage treasure?

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