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9 Earth Day Activities for Kids to Start Thinking Green!

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9 Earth Day Activities for Kids to Start Thinking Green!

We’re big fans of planet Earth, aren’t you? Cubic Frog® believes, kinda like mother’s day, every day is really Earth Day. But sometimes to get in the rhythm of living green, you have to get those green wheels spinning in the minds of kids and adults. Having a special day to focus on learning about Earth and more importantly, how to treat the planet kindly, is a great way to start incorporating these principles in daily life.

After all, it is our children who we will leave this planet to, so why not teach them to make it a better place? Preserving the well-being of the planet means ensuring a healthy future for our children.

Here at Cubic Frog® we believe the best way to learn is to have FUN! So, here are 9 of our favorite Earth Day activities for kids to grow children that are rooted in the well being of the environment on Earth Day and everyday.

1. Build a bird feeder using recycled material!

Not just an easy, fun activity for that day but encourage little ones to keep and eye out, identify, and journal all your new winged friends!

Photo of close up of homemade toilet paper roll birdfeeder

2. Pledge to be an electricity avenger!

How about creating a costume and badge for a super hero whose mission is to save and monitor electricity? Explain to children the importance of conserving energy, what energy is, and easy way to conserve electricity (turn off all the lights when not in use and during the day, unplug things that aren’t in use, hang clothes outside to dry, take quick showers, etc). Knight them as an electricity avenger when they pledge to use the super power of saving energy.

3. Play games that teach Recycling, like Preschool EduKitchen!

Preschool EduKitchen uses fun games to teach essential developmental skills like Recycling, and it’s available for free!

Preschool EduKitchen Screenshot of Recycling game


4. Make a 10 minute rain barrel to save water!

Making a rain barrel is simple and saves money and natural resources. And, for extra fun, pull out the acrylic paints and let kids decorate the barrel with their own design!

5. Recycled Earth Day Multi Color Crayons!

Use those little crayon nubs to make brand new, fun and easy to use multi colored earth crayons!

Photo of crayons that look like the earth made using recycled parts of crayons

6. Make recycled paper!

For a longer activity, create your very own handmade paper. Great exercise to teach kids about the paper recycling process!

7. Turtle planters from Recycled plastic!

Everyone’s got to plant at least one thing on Earth Day, so why not do it in these absolutely adorable, fun to make planters?

Photo of small recycled plastic planter that is in the shape of a turtle

8. Up-cycled Suncatchers!

Photo of Earth Day recycled plastic suncatchers hanging in window

9. Volunteer at your local state or city park!

It’s simple, go to, type in: (your city, state, or town) park volunteering. You’ll find all the needed information on how you and your family can volunteer at any of the local parks in your area. Or, discover new parks and areas by volunteering somewhere a little farther from your home. Bring along a nature scavenger hunt for extra fun!

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