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9 Inspiring Tips to Empower Kids for a Successful New Year

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9 Inspiring Tips to Empower Kids for a Successful New Year

It’s January, aka the ‘Monday’ of all months; which means another set of resolutions and a need for some serious motivation to make those resolutions stick.

And if you’re like us here at Cubic Frog® studios, perhaps this year you’d like to skip the gym promises (and don’t you dare try to get us to put down the chocolate) and get creative about ensuring you and your family have a meaningful, knowledge-full year.

The best way to ensure your 365 days are filled with family fun is to start the year off right. We’ve got 9 simple steps to put your best foot forward and lead your family by example to a successful new year.

1. KISS (Keep it simple)

This goes for EVERYTHING (and we know, being simple is not so simple). How about trying recipes with 5 or less ingredients, or only cooking one dinner for everyone, a work out routine that involves only one type of exercise per day, having fewer tasks for longer time, putting time limits on other tasks and sticking to them.

2. Donate/Throw-away Day

Designated one day every month, preferably the same day, as donate/throw-away day. This is the day where the family is required to go through their clothes, toys, papers, side of the refrigerator and throw away/donate the things they no longer need, use, or have expired. Getting into this routine can be very helpful in avoiding big clutter (a little every month instead of a lot every few years) and helps reinforce the idea of giving to others.

3. Just Label It

Get yourself a label-maker and some plain boxes and go at it (prove us wrong, but there’s no such thing as too many labels). Organization is usually a ‘follow the leader’ situation in that, if you create a space or ‘home’ for something, people are more likely to place things there. In addition, if things are easy to find, you not only save time but save mess by not having to rummage, and displace other things. Plus kids love making labels, and it’s great spelling practice!

4. Family Calendar

Large, dry-erase calendars placed on an easy to see wall with a cork board space for pinning can work miracles in helping a household move smoothly. Let kids pick their own color to represent their items. Write chores, meals, appointments, goals, activities and more. The family will learn to consult the calendar with timing questions and the calendar being on the wall helps to prevent scheduling clutter from building up on desks and tables (but don’t worry, you can still keep ‘the clothes chair’).

5. H2O Go Go Go!

We know this seems obvious but there are so few people who actually drink the amount of water their body needs; most recommend 1.5-2 liters a day. Just say no to sodas and sugary drinks and commit to having a water-filled family. The benefits? Better brain function and physical performance, more energy, weight lose, healthy skin, removes toxins, fights infection, and that’s only to name a few!

6. Say Something Nice, and Let Them Hear it!

Brag about your amazing, incredible, brilliant kids, partner, friends, and family. And, brag a little extra loud when they’re close enough to hear it. Self esteem is such an essential part of success, a few kind, overheard words can make a big difference.

7. Banish the Word and Idea of Failure

Shall we remind you, ‘failure’ is crucial to learning? The process of creating a path which involves trying, retrying, and learning from decisions, is arguably the most essential part of problem solving. And, sometimes this road results in receiving a D- on a test or two. But, educating your child to that fact that the smartest people are those who find their own, personal, and special way of triumphing through a task, is a total life-changer.

8. Breath Every Day

2 minutes a day of breathing. All we’re asking is to take one minute in the morning and one before bed where you and your children count together, to 60. Taking a deep, belly breathe in through your nose for one second and exhale out through your mouth for another second (that’s 30 complete breathes for 60 seconds). Yogic, deep breathing relieves stress, carries much needed oxygen to the brain, and helps stabilize moods. Who doesn’t have 2 minutes for that?

9. Treat Yourself

Being the best parent means being your best self, which means self care. So many parents neglect themselves and their romantic and personal relationships for their children. Commit to doing something nice for yourself once per week, whether it be a cup of special tea, sacrificial burning of your Pinterest fails, a massage, locking yourself in the bathroom for a goopy at-home facial mask, a new book, asking someone else to do the dishes, or whatever your heart desires. We feel sure that you’ll feel more willing and able to give to others once you do the same for yourself.