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Welcome to Cubic Frog®

Cubic Frog® designs interactive educational games for kids. We believe when children are having fun and are active participants in their learning process, their retention improves, making it much easier to acquire new knowledge. Our games for kids, preschoolers, and toddlers are carefully designed for specific age groups, taking into consideration their developmental stages, stimulation needs, and preferences. We create colorful, interactive, and safe games that promote creativity and, of course, happiness.
Our main goal is for kids to learn and develop new skills while having fun. We’ve studied hard to create a balance between maintaining structure while allowing kids creative freedom to ignite their imagination. We currently have more than 18,000,000 users around the world… and counting!
We’ve created playing experiences for small kids and big kids!

Cubic Frog® Preschool (for kids ages 2 to 5)
Cubic Frog® Kids (for kids ages 2 to 101)
Cubic Frog® Arcade (for all ages)
You can find all of Cubic Frog® games in the iTunes Store, Google Play, Amazon, Opera Mobile Store and Nook.

Cubic Frog® Power Trio

Creating the most fantastic educational games for all children to awake imagination, problem-solving skills, and the joy of learning with innovative design, high quality content and heartfelt commitment.
1- We believe in technology
It is our fervent belief that technology enhances the learning experience. The intersection of technology and education drives us to create enriching interactive learning adventures for children. Technology being a fundamental necessity in our world, we seek to introduce kids to technology in a colorful, comfortable, positive manner. Besides, children love gizmos and gadgets… as we do too!
2- User experience is everything
Our company would not exist without you. We are focused on continuously creating the best user experience. Our game interfaces are simple, clear and age appropriate.
3- Quality, quality and quality
Quality of our products is an obsession. Our games are carefully researched with special attention devoted to the unique learning styles of all types of young children. We engage sensory play by delivering colorful graphics, touch commands, and superior sound production for smooth functionality. This powerful sensory combination translates into a fun, educational and rewarding experience for you and for us as well.
4- Learn it today and enjoy it your whole life
Childhood is the most critical learning stage in everyone’s life, and early childhood education is our specialty. Cubic Frog games inspire a positive lifelong attitude towards learning, and can empower children to see themselves as capable, independent learners, motivating them to learn more. Playing our games, children develop fundamental skills which build upon themselves to further boost their abilities and interests.
5- Practice makes perfect
Practice and repetition are the keys for successful learning. Because repetition helps kids master skills, simple concepts and strategies are repeated within each game and between different games. As tasks become easier thanks to previous practice, children feel a sense of achievement as they play and learn, hooray!
6- Creativity and problem solving are two essential skills for life
Creative people are better problem solvers. Our goal is to entice kids to use their imagination to solve puzzles and challenges. The greatest tools we can give children to help them become problem solvers is to encourage and develop their creativity.
7- We believe in simplicity
Children are wonderful at creating tall tales and imaginary universes: we keep our products simple in order enable their natural sense of wonder and imagination.
8- Live to be happy
At Cubic Frog® Apps, our goal is to help your child become an active participant in their learning process by creating exciting, happy moments. We know kids like a good laugh – who doesn’t? – so, through humor and fun we support your child’s learning experience. Some of the best learning moments in a child’s life happen outside the scholastic environment.
9- We are our customers biggest fans
If you have ever contacted us, you already know that our priority is to listen to your concerns and suggestions. We’re always one email away, and we’re glad to solve any issues that may arise. If there are no issues and you’re very happy with our games, please send some love our way too.
10-Our core belief
By combining creativity, logic, fun and education, we have been able to create an awesome experience for children. Our goal is to give every child the tools and enthusiasm to learn. By using colorful, fun characters, sensory stimulation, humor and fun interactivity, we encourage children to be active participants of their learning process. Our games contain positive messages and encourage social interaction, all in an atmosphere that is free from gender or ethnic bias. Our high-end products are for all kids around the world.
Cubic Frog® promises to ignite the joy of learning in every child, shaping the future by unlocking children’s infinite potential to think, learn, and create.

Our Frog Team!

Maryam Zahiri
Maryam ZahiriFounder/ Play Designer
Maryam loves spending time with her family, especially with her two amazing grandmothers. She loves animals, in particular cats, and likes to spend her free time traveling and exploring new, exciting cultures. Maryam stays updated and learn about the latest design technologies, and has her eye on 3D printing at the moment. She loves to create and is constantly looking for the way to innovate.
Something we admire about Maryam is her musical ability. She plays the piano, viola and classic guitar.
Mathieu Roy
Mathieu RoyCo-Founder/Head Programmer
Mathieu is the proud father of 2 wonderful children, and he loves spending time with them, living life to the fullest. He lives in Canada, where he puts his programmer skills to work making video games. Like Maryam, he’s also a technophile and enjoys traveling. Mathieu loves his espresso and made sure to have his daily dose handy by getting an impressive espresso machine for his home. Life is so much fun for Mathieu that he wants to live forever.
Shaina Machlus
Shaina MachlusCommunication Manager
Shaina is the proud aunt of two beautiful little girls. When she is not busy being an Aunt, Shaina likes to spend her time teaching children drums and playing piano and ukulele. Shaina can be seen riding her bicycle all around whatever city she happens to be traveling through. In between journalistic writing and reading, Shaina also always makes time for chocolate and any/all spicy foods!

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