In EduKitty ABC kids play in a colorful world of alphabet games that teach English skills. Kids learn handwriting, spelling, letter identification, vocabulary and more. Fun English alphabet learning games, alphabet song and animal ABC flashcards.
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Games and Activities:

•ABC song- A very unique alphabet song with fun animation!
•Flashcards- 3 Sets of english flashcards for learning the english alphabet, letter sounds and letter phonics!
•Letter Tracing and Handwriting- Kids learn how to write the English alphabet and practice handwriting by tracing capital letters and lowercase letters from a-z.
•Spelling and Vocabulary Building- Spelling puzzle with voice-commands to teach kids how to spell, recognize letters and build english vocabulary.
•Letter Identification- Learning the english alphabet, alphabet names, alphabet phonics and alphabet sounds!
•Learning Alphabetical Order- Children learn alphabetical order from A-Z while playing a dot-to-dot game!
•Alphabet Memory Game with Sounds- Kids find pairs of matching english letters from a-z.
•Animal Memory Game- Kids find matching pairs of animal images.
•Matching Letter Cases- Match and connect capital letters to lowercase letters!


•14 Educational Games!
•Voice-over in 12 Different languages!
English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Persian, French, German, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese.
•3 Sets of Flashcards With Voice!
•Practice Handwriting By Tracing Letters!
•An Adorable Animated 3D Cat Guides Children in Their Learning Process!
•Unlimited Play and Innovative Rewards System!