Learn to create, design, and decorate your own colorful, delicious ice pops! Be creative and make more than 1 million different styles! Eat your popsicle to discover the hidden joke!
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Games and Activities:

·Choose your Popsicle Mold- Single ice pops, twister ice pops, and twin ice pops.
·Choose your Popsicle Flavor- Strawberry, chocolate, banana, grape, watermelon and many more!
·Choose your Popsicle Stick- Colors, stars, hearts, stripes, rainbow, and sparkles.
·Decorate your Popsicle- Customize your popsicle with icings, sprinkles, candies, alphabet letters and funny faces!
·Tap on the screen to eat your delicious popsicle!


·Inspire Creativity and Infinite Imagination for Kids of All Ages!
·Jokes On Every Stick After You Eat Your Ice Pop!
·3D HD Colorful Graphics!
·Free Lifetime Updates!
·8 Different Ice Pop Molds!
·18 Different Flavors!
·20 Different Colorful Sticks to Choose From!
·12 Different Icings!
·44 Different Colorful Candies!
·68 Different Fun Decorations! Funny Eyes, Lips, Bows and Even Spiders!
·52 Candy Letters! Write on Your Lollipops and Share With Your Friends!
·Amazing Fun Music and Sound Effects!
·Unlimited Creative Play! The Fun Never Ends!