Award-winning preschool math games for kids under 6 years old. Different games for geometrical mathematics are designed to help kids master shapes, size, more/less, number recognition, counting, patterns, organization, and more, while adding confidence and fun to the learning process.
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Games and Activities:

 ·Patterns- Make and Complete the Color, Size, Object, Number, and Shape Sequences
·Tell Time- Set the Clock Correctly
·Trace Shapes- Learn How To Draw Shapes
·Shape Names- Learn Shapes and Shape Names
·Bigger/Smaller- Choose the Larger/Smaller Object
·Counting- Number Games and Counting Numbers
·Count the Shapes- Counting Games
·Spatial Reasoning- Select Objects at the Top/Bottom/Middle/Left/Right
·Shape Recognition- Match the Object to its Silhouette
·More/Less- Choose the Group With More/Less
·Problem Solving- Complete the Patterns
·Fast/Slow- Choose the Fastest/Slowest Car
·Heavy/Light- Which Animal is Heavier/Lighter


·16 Different Unique Educational Games And Quizzes
·Voice-over in 12 Different languages!
·Sensory Based Learning System!
·Fine Motor Skill Building!
·3D HD Colorful Graphics!
·Amazing Music, Voiceover And Sound Effects!
·Innovative Reward System and Surprise Stamps!
·Unlimited Play, The Fun Never Ends!