Project Description

Speedy Crow

Speedy Crow is a Single Tap Fun Addictive Casual Game For Everyone! Available on All 3 Platforms!
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How To Play?

·This crazy crow loves to fly but he does not have any destination! Tap anywhere on the screen to help him fly!
·He has to avoid flowers and not fly too high or too low!
·He loves to eat pair of glasses, or a striped sock!
·He loves to eat Cubic Frog! Then he gets his magic and you’ll get all the scores!
·We promise you will laugh playing this game!


·Amazing Game Control!
·One Crazy Crow, Lots of Mean Flowers!
·One Touch Game!
·Amazing HD Colorful Graphics!
·Amazing Fun Music and Sound Effects!
·Easy To Learn, Difficult To Master!
·Three Different Bonuses!
·Unlimited Play! The Fun Never Ends!