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Learning the Alphabet: 5 Toddler Tips

Let’s Start at the Very Beginning
Learning the alphabet can sometimes seems as overwhelming to parents as it is for your child.

Here at Cubic Frog® Apps, we consider ourselves experts in knowing what works in early childhood education; we’ve proudly created […]

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Sensory Play Ideas for Kids: Starting Guide

What is Sensory Play?
In order to get to sensory play ideas, we first must know what exactly is sensory play.

Sensory play, you’ve seen the phrase everywhere, practically synonymous with toddler, but what is ‘sensory play’ exactly? And why is it […]

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Fine and Gross Toddler Motor Skills, What’s the Difference?

During Toddler years children develop at a rate unparalleled to any other period in human lives. As the brain develops, neurological pathways are being formed to tell children how to move muscles. These muscle movements shape children’s coordination, dexterity, and […]

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Teaching Numbers to Kids: 4 Simple Tips

Where do we begin when teaching numbers to kids? We’re glad you asked.
Being a parent means also being your child’s first and arguably most important teacher. When it comes to the skill of counting, it’s parent’s initiative which form the […]