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Best Apps for Healthy Eating Habits

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Best Apps for Healthy Eating Habits

We know what you’re thinking… The best apps for healthy eating habits? 

Yup, there’s an app for that!

What’s the importance of healthy eating habits for children? How can an app help? We’re glad you asked.

Let’s get straight to the facts. Brains work better when they’re fed with fresh, colorful foods. Study after study suggests that students who eat a healthy, balanced meal are generally able to concentrate longer and have an easier time achieving academic goals.

So what does a healthy meal for children look like? Today’s eating guidelines recommend breaking up a plate in the following way: fruit and vegetables: 33% (⅓ of your plate), bread, rice, potatoes pasta and other starchy foods: 33% (⅓ of your plate), Milk and other dairy products: 15%, quinoa, egg, beans and other non-dairy sources of protein: 12%, foods and drinks high in fat or sugar: 7%.

At Cubic Frog® Apps we like to say a meal should look like a rainbow, with all types of colorful fruits and vegetables. Like many things in life, the more color variety, the better. And just in case you need some extra inspiration, here’s our list of brain-boosting ingredients and recipes kids and parents both love

Cubic Frog® wanted to dive a little deeper into nutrition for children and nutrition for toddlers so we decided to create an app which teaches healthy eating habits for kids. Preschool EduKitchen is a fun app for toddlers and kids where healthy eating is turned into an interactive game.

Children learn about healthy foods through a series of educational games, which are facilitated by two adorable children guides. Preschool EduKitchen toddler app uses cheery music, voice prompts, visual color stimulation, and touch commands to promote sensory learning by engaging several senses at once. Besides healthy eating habits, kids learn important skills like recycling, counting, vocabulary, matching and sorting with this toddler learning app.

And like all Cubic Frog® Apps, we are happy to offer a free version for families.


EduKitchen Preschool Learning Game Screenshot Crack the EggsEduKitchen Screenshot Recycling Game for Kids

Preschool EduKitchen free learning app includes the following educational games about healthy eating habits for kids:

✓Healthy Food – Find Healthy Fruits and Vegetables Among Burgers and Ice Cream!

✓Cook the Eggs – Drag and Drop to Place the Correct Number of Eggs into the Frying Pan.

✓Recycling Bin – Find all the Items That Need to Go Into Recycling Bin and Drop them in.

✓Fruit Pop Toppings – Add Different Fruits as Toppings to Fruit Pops.

✓Vegetable Soup – Find All the Vegetables And Toss Them Into the Pan to Make Vegetable Soup.

✓Set the Table – Drag and Drop Puzzle Pieces to the Right Place to Set the Table.

✓Fruit Faces – Puzzle Game Where Kids Make a Fun Face With Fruits.

✓Cereal Bowl – Have Fun Adding Different Fruit to Cereal.

✓Toaster – Toast and Count Bread Slices.

✓Size Arranging – Arrange 5 Fruits From Biggest to Smallest or Smallest to Biggest.

✓Fruit Memory – Kids Match Pairs Of Fruits.

✓Juice Connect – Connect Each Fruit To Its Juice

✓Refrigerator – Drag and Drop All the Objects That Belong in the Refrigerator While Leaving Non-Refrigerator Objects Including Socks, T-Shirts, Plates, Etc., Behind.

✓Dishwasher – Pick Up all the Dirty Dishes and Put them in the Dishwasher.

✓Kitchen Timer – Set a Timer to a Certain Number.

✓Fruit Pop Match – Match Pairs of Colorful Fun Fruit Pops.

✓Ice Cream Maker – Our Special Dessert Treat! Parents have the option to turn off the ice cream activity