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Best Free Apps for Learning ABC’s

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Best Free Apps for Learning ABC’s

Learning our ABC’s is one the the greatest milestones in toddler world. It’s never too early to start reading, singing, and repeating the alphabet to your little one. Children as young as 16-18 months are able to recognize and repeat the alphabet. The Cubic Frog® philosophy is always focused in creating a happy, safe, interactive, sensory experience that leads to the greatest learning capacity.

Here at Cubic Frog® we specialize in making kid’s first interaction with the alphabet a colorful, fun adventure. Cubic Frog® has created a variety of educational games around learning ABC’s and the best news is, they’re free and available on a variety of systems including iTunes App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon Store, etc.

EduKitty ABC

EduKitty is the fun cartoon cat who guides kids through a series of ABC games for tracing, spelling, letter identification, vocabulary building and much more. After every 3 mini-games are completed, kids earn a flying gift! EduKitty ABC also includes a set of upper and lowercase ABC flashcards and a upper and lowercase alphabet tracing game.

EduKitty is our exclusive alphabet teaching app for focusing on letter, vocab, and handwriting building with both the upper and lowercase alphabet.


Preschool EduKitty

Hosted by the same cute cat, kids complete a variety of early learning mini-games all in the setting of a playful playground. Preschool EduKitty covers all toddler topics including letters, numbers, colors, shapes, matching, size, and so much more. The diversity of topics is sure to keep all types of learners busy and happy and mastering those ABC’s in no time at all!


Preschool EduPaint

Preschool EduPaint is unique in it’s format; a digital workbook full of early learning essentials. Preschool EduPaint is perfect for kids to begin to learn in, or for those little ones who prefer a more structured format. With colorful, fun cartoons, this game is incredibly welcoming and active in it’s holistic approach to teaching toddlers. And it’s especially recommended as a tool to prepare children to graduate into the kindergarten classroom setting.


Preschool EduBirthday

Preschool EduBirthday sets up the scene of a rainbow birthday celebration where kids play through a series of core learning including spelling, sorting, organizing, colors, size, and much more! A great, easy intro to letters and also perfect for advanced learners who are ready to try their hand at spelling!


Oh and don’t forget to get musical with our hit singalong, The Alphabet Song!