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Best Free Apps for Learning ABC’s

Learning our ABC’s is one the the greatest milestones in toddler world. It’s never too early to start reading, singing, and repeating the alphabet to your little one. Children as young as 16-18 months are able to recognize and repeat […]

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The Incredible Playdough Story and Playdough Recipe

Like most great inventions, the history behind the contraption is quite the interesting tale, almost as fascinating as the outcome. The infamous playdough is no exception.

Playdough has become quite the household necessity for anyone in the hands of a human 10 […]

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Teaching Shapes to Kids: 4 Simple Tips

Learning shapes is one of the first fundamental skills in early math. Teaching shapes to kids is essential not only geometrically, but cognitively in the brain’s ability to recognize anything from your face (which is made up of shapes!) to the […]

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15 Quiet Time Activities for Kids That Can Be Made in 5 Minutes

Our most precious gift to give to parents and teachers (besides, of course learning)– QUIET TIME.
Here’s 15 of our favorite quiet time activities that also focus on building fine motor skills and use only materials you already have in your […]

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Mother’s Day Giveaway! Free Game for Everyone!

Moms are a big deal here at Cubic Frog®. We’ve got moms, we are moms, and moms make us a huge part of our educational game community. So, it should come as no surprise that for Mother’s Day we like […]

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5 Ways to Boost Positive Thinking in Kids

Before you accuse Cubic Frog® of going all ‘kumbaya’ let’s talk about some very real research on positive and negative thinking.
Negative thinking isn’t all negative; in fact, it can be useful in very stressful situations. The body is programmed during […]

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9 Earth Day Activities for Kids to Start Thinking Green!

We’re big fans of planet Earth, aren’t you? Cubic Frog® believes, kinda like mother’s day, every day is really Earth Day. But sometimes to get in the rhythm of living green, you have to get those green wheels spinning in […]

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What is Play Based Learning Really About?

What is play?
Before we talk about play based learning, it’s helpful to define what we mean by the word ‘play’. Play is an activity a person does that brings enjoyment to them. Sometimes playing can include moments of frustration, disappointment, […]

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5 Ways to Raise a Generous Child

One of our main duties as parents is to make sure we are raising children who contribute positively to the planet. Helping to shape kids into generous people means helping to shape a brighter future for the entire planet, one […]

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4 Ways Being Multilingual Makes Children Smarter

There’s an incredible gift you can give you kids that is totally free: a second language. Historically parents were warned against using more than one language in the house because it was thought to ‘confuse’ children. But research has shown […]

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When Kids Start Kindergarten Around the World

Potentially one of the most important decisions a parent can make: when their child should begin schooling? When should kids start kindergarten? And just how big a difference does it make to begin one year instead of another?
In the USA, […]

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Creative, Easy, Free Father and Kid Activities

Father’s Day is here and there’s no better gift to give Dad than quality time! Here’s a few quick, easy, and free ideas on how to spend a perfect day with kid’s first superheroes–their Dad’s!
The added bonus? Besides being fun, […]

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5 Fun Ways to Teach Toddlers Numbers!

All parents and teachers know, to teach toddlers numbers is not always as easy as 1, 2, 3. Being creative is essential in making sure little ones are having fun while learning the all important skill of counting. Using a […]

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5 Amazing Ways Music Boosts Kid’s Learning

Cubic Quiz:

Cubic Frog® has it’s very own line of singalong learning songs because:
A) We are extreme music lovers, have our own office playlists, and say at least twice per day ‘HAVE YOU HEARD THIS!?’

B) Every single person who works at Cubic […]

10 Fantastic, Easy STEM Activities for Toddlers

What is STEM?
STEM is the acronym for science, technology, engineering, and math. STEM education is a branch of learning that specifically incorporates these four types of thinking. Most importantly, STEM education emphasizes that all four parts are interconnected, therefor creating […]

Leap Year Giveaway! Win a FREE Kid’s Learning App!

An Extra Day = Extra Time to Play!
Win toddler learning app, Preschool EduBirthday, from award-winning kid’s games company Cubic Frog® apps!

How to Enter Leap Year Giveaway:
1. Go to Cubic Frog® Facebook
2. Simply LIKE this post and our page, comment ‘Leap […]

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9 Amazing, Free Color Learning Activities for Toddlers

When it comes to learning colors, there are as many activities as there are colors of the rainbow! Here are 9 Cubic Frog® favorite, effective, free color learning activities for toddlers:
1. Sing along!
Cubic Frog® is so proud to debut our […]

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Cubic Frog® Apps Wins Parents’ Choice Award!

We don’t mean to brag, but sometimes we just can’t help but be proud!
Preschool EduMath 1 has received a Parents’ Choice Award for our educational math game Preschool EduMath 1!
Preschool EduMath 1 has been chosen for the Parent’s Choice Approved […]

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5 Simple Secrets to Help Kids Love Reading!

There are all types of reasons a child may not be enthusiastic about reading; it’s important to ask lots of questions to your young one about these feelings. Are they frustrated? Bored? Scared? More seriously, it’s possible a child can […]

6 Simple Tips to Go Green as a Family!

Here at Cubic Frog® headquarters we’re always trying to contribute positively to an environment that’s friendly for all our frog fans and friends.
To go green can seem like a daunting task, but in fact, we’ve found helping the environment can be […]

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3 Game Giveaway!

Win 3 FREE Cubic Frog® iTunes award winning educational games for kids!
We’re starting off the New Year with a BANG! and we’d like to make sure you are too!
January 11-17 2016! Don’t miss out!
Visit our Facebook Page to enter, or simply […]

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9 Inspiring Tips to Empower Kids for a Successful New Year

It’s January, aka the ‘Monday’ of all months; which means another set of resolutions and a need for some serious motivation to make those resolutions stick.
And if you’re like us here at Cubic Frog® studios, perhaps this year you’d like […]

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Top 10 of 2015: Kid’s Games, Activities, Tips, and More

With over 20 million downloads worldwide, call us egotistical, but we think Cubic Frog® has had a pretty exciting year! And we have your support to thank!
Just incase you missed any of our game releases, tips, tricks, and DIY’s here’s our […]

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Holiday Sale!

Cubic Frog® wishes you a very merry holiday season! To celebrate the winter wonder our most popular learning game, Preschool EduKidsRoom, is now 50% off!
16 Fantastic educational games to help kids learn colors, shapes, numbers, letters, time, sorting, and much […]

Super Brain Building Kids Holiday Gift Guide

Whether you’re always a last-minute gift buyer, or this year you’ve just been a bit hectic, Cubic Frog® is here to help ease the craziness of trying to find gifts for the little ones in your life. Whether it’s your […]

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3 Creative Ways to Calm Kids for Travel and Everyday

As jolly as holiday time can be, it can be equally stressful; rushing to give, receive, go from here to there (then there again and oh sometimes here and there at the same moment). As all parents are aware, everything […]

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Change the World and Volunteer this Holiday Season: How to

Here at Cubic Frog® we believe the best gift you can give to your kids, family, and self is to inspire the spread of joy, generosity, and gratitude to both themselves and those around them in need.
Our number one holiday […]

Are You Making Math More Difficult for Your Child?

Math is a problem, and we don’t just mean algebraically.
Math is a subject in our school curriculum that is continuously controversial. We are facing a major problem with young girls and kids with learning differences obtaining and enjoying math on […]

Kids Origami Activities for Fine Motor Skills Building

Origami is the art of folding paper, and is said to have originated from Japan sometime around the 1600’s. The idea is as simple and clean as the beautiful figures the art creates; take something ‘plain’ and with a little […]

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6 Brilliant, Easy Ideas for a Stress Free Thanksgiving

So often during holidays we get so caught up in the stress of gifts, perfect centerpieces, cooking, and guest lists, that we forget what these holidays are actually about and how to enjoy them. Thanksgiving is about being grateful for […]

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Traveling with Kids: 5 Free Learning Games for the Road

In most of our traveling with kids toolboxes there’s one or more electronic devices. We could be a bit biased, but Cubic Frog® thinks mobile games are a great way for kids to spend time engaged in learning while en-route […]

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Free Teacher Classroom Resources from Cubic Frog®

Hey Teachers, We’re at Your Service!
Here at Cubic Frog® we like to think of ourselves as teacher’s assistants. Cubic Frog® creates games for children of all learning styles, on all parts of the spectrum and learning differences, in every part […]

Fun Halloween Mask Printable and Contest!

Halloween happens to be one of Cubic Frog® very favorite holidays… Autumn weather, changing leaves, sweets and treats, colorful costumes and fun, family, and friends everywhere… what more could a frog ask for!?
Cubic Frog® team here decided to have a […]

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Free Learning Apps for Teachers! Teacher Appreciation Giveaway!

We’d like to say THANK YOU to teachers for their incredible and inspiring work!
How about 3 FREE learning games on us!?

That’s right, free learning apps for teachers.

Win 3 FREE of our newest Cubic Frog® Educational Apps
Be in the first 100 to:
1. […]

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Learn Colors: Toddler Activities for Each Color of the Rainbow

We’ve got back to school skills on the brain. Next on our list, making sure toddlers and familiar and comfortable with all the colors on the rainbow. And in true Cubic Frog® fashion, we believe the best way to learn […]

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10 Name Writing Activities: Learn in 3 Easy Steps!

Name Writing Activities:

A little color and creativity goes a long way for getting school ready!

Name writing is one of the essentials for getting toddlers ready for their upcoming school and learning year. Recognizing and writing your name is a skill […]

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10 Favorite DIY Forts for Kids

Cubic Frog® sees serious value in creating and nurturing a special space for children to relax and call their own. Forts can also be incredibly useful tools for those kids with sensory processing disorders in order to provide a calming […]

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Fine Motor Skills Painting: 10 Easy DIY Activities

Fine motor skills are small actions that require precise, coordinated movements of small muscle groups. Fine motor skills are usually associated with fingers and toes doing important motions like gripping, picking things up, and wiggling. Although our fine motor skills […]

Preschool Learning Skills: 5 Important Habits to Master

Preschool Learning Skills: Learning to Learn
Learning is in itself a learning process–we must learn how to learn. For little ones, focusing on the basics of cognitive development are the key aspects of preschool learning skills. For preschoolers, it’s important their […]

Learning ABC’s with Kid’s Cooking Recipes A-Z

What better way to learn the alphabet than with cooking up something delicious?
We’re serving up a list of recipes from A-Z of easy, delicious foods that can be prepared with your little ones.

Cook up a total learning adventure by explaining […]