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Creative, Easy, Free Father and Kid Activities

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Creative, Easy, Free Father and Kid Activities

Father’s Day is here and there’s no better gift to give Dad than quality time! Here’s a few quick, easy, and free ideas on how to spend a perfect day with kid’s first superheroes–their Dad’s!

The added bonus? Besides being fun, these activities also boost problem solving skills and comprehension for toddlers, preschoolers, and kids of all ages and learning styles!

Fun, easy, free Father and kid activities perfect for Father’s day and everyday!

Cafe Dad

Spend the day preparing Dad’s favorite meals and then enjoying the time together when you share the deliciousness! Create a personalized recipe book for an added bonus gift!

Cool Treat for the Coolest

Take your dad out for his favorite ice cream or ices or cook up your favorite popsicle recipe at home. There’s no one cooler than Dad and a great way to show him–a cool treat to share!

Perfectly Puzzling

Make a puzzle of your favorite kid and Dad photo and spend the afternoon putting the puzzle together! Puzzles are great sensory and motor skills practice for kids of all ages.

Chess Challenge

Chess is an excellent way to build important problem solving skills in little ones as well as getting those fine motor skills going. Don’t know how to play? Here’s a perfect opportunity to learn together! Make it a routine and we promise you’ll make memories and learning skills that will last a lifetime!

Outdoor festivals

Summer is brimming with outdoor music events, street fairs, carnivals, etc. Find one near you and spend the day together exploring the community!

Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of Dad’s favorite things and go on a treasure hunt. Hide clues in the form of snacks, tasty drinks, and little gifts around the house and town for Dad to solve along the way.

Build Something

And we do mean anything! There’s millions upon millions of easy to make DIY crafts. Give Dad a chance to show off his artistic, crafty, and handy skills. Need a few ideas for DIY projects? We’ve got thousands of them right here.

Guitar Hero

What’s Dad’s favorite song? Create your own dance and rendition of the song to perform for the most willing audience– Dad! Don’t forget to teach Dad the dance routine so he can join in!

The Book of Dad

Write and illustrate a short version of a favorite father-child memory. Write why the memory is so special and how Dad made it even more extraordinary. Make sure to ask Dad to share his own favorite memory of his Father.

Go Take a Hike

There’s nothing better than the outdoors. Hiking means enjoying beautiful scenery and having the unique opportunity for uninterrupted time just kid and Father to talk, bond, navigate and problem solve throughout the journey.

Farm Friendly

Find your nearest local farm and spend the day learning about the fruits and vegetables growing all around you. Pick fresh seasonal veggies and fruits to take home and let Dad show off his cooking skills to prepare a yummy, local dinner together.

Totally Techie

What’s Dad’s favorite age appropriate video game? Something vintage perhaps? Challenge Dad to a round or two or four and see if his skills really are sharp!


We hope you enjoyed our fun, easy, and free Father and kid activities. Got any more to share? We’d love to hear them!

Don’t forget, the most important part of Father’s Day is simply to spend time enjoying those incredible Father’s we love so much!