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Fine Motor Skills Painting: 10 Easy DIY Activities

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  • photo of child hand touching different primary color paint sponge stamps

Fine Motor Skills Painting: 10 Easy DIY Activities

Fine motor skills are small actions that require precise, coordinated movements of small muscle groups. Fine motor skills are usually associated with fingers and toes doing important motions like gripping, picking things up, and wiggling. Although our fine motor skills are continually developing throughout our lives, they are growing at an extraordinarily rapid rate during toddler and early childhood years.

Nurturing your little one’s fine motor skills can be a fun, colorful, creative adventure. Here are some of Cubic Frog® favorite painting activities that use simple, household items, require little to no set up, stimulate that left brain with sensory play, and also exercise and sharpen fine motor skills of the hands and fingers.

Dexterity building using fine motor skills painting: Cubic Frog® Top 10!

1. Painting Rainbows with Marshmallows

Painting Rainbow with Marshmellows

2. Fine Motor Salt Painting

Fine Motor Salt Painting

3. Yarn Block Prints

Yarn Block Printing

4. Color Matching Watercolor Activity

Color Matching Watercolor Activity

5. Dropper Painting

Dropper Painting for Kids

6. Painting with Homemade Number Stamps

Painting with Homemade Number Stamps

7. Simple Finger Painting for Kids

Finger Painting for Kids

8. Q-tip Star Art

Q Tip Star Art

9. Painting with Ice

Painting with Ice

10. Simple Fork Print Sunflower

Simple Fork Print Sunflower Craft

Cubic Frog® always wants to know your favorite easy art projects and fine motor skills painting projects! Send us art work, feel free to add your own recipes for creativity, and experiences with little artists and toddler time!

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