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Free Fun Summer Kids Activities: Reading and Writing Focus

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Free Fun Summer Kids Activities: Reading and Writing Focus

Summer is just around the corner! For parents, summer officially begins when the school year ends. With so much to look forward to (vacations, pool time, barbecues, oh my!), there’s also lurking those dreaded two syllables of childhood grievance… “I’m boooooreed”.

Never fear, Cubic Frog® summer edition is here! Round one: free fun summer kids activities to sharpen reading and writing skills for toddlers, preschoolers, and all kids of all learning styles.

Summer is a fantastic opportunity to learn in a totally different environment than most schools provide. We know it can be difficult to keep children interested and excited about learning during these summer months. Our best summer trick; have fun and celebrate.

Summer marks a big change in the year, and learning structure should follow suit. Creating a totally different education itinerary means kids enjoy and feel immersed in restful holiday time while maintaining and boosting the skills they picked up on during the school year.

Cubic Frog® believes learning is not something reserved for a classroom, but should be an ongoing experience throughout one’s entire life. We’re here to give you just a little inspiration to show there are educational opportunities all around us, and especially during the special time of summer!

Our focus for this summer edition: Reading and writing!

Here’s a few favorite free fun summer kids activities:

-Weekly walk journal

Make time each week to go on a walk together, draw and write about your adventures and observances. Have the flowers bloomed? Are there some new ducks in the pond? Met any new neighbors?


Who doesn’t love receiving letters? Friends and family members make great weekly pen-pals. Kids of all ages can exchange pictures and letters, and for extra fun have your children design their own personalized stationery. Keep up with the habit and kids can have a communication collection that spans decades!

Google-Doc Journal

Create a family Google-Doc Summer Journal where family members near and far can open and post updates on a daily or weekly basis. Keep updated, in touch, and sharpen those writing and tech skills!

-To-Do List

Make a personalized top 100 summer to-do list with your kids. Include ice cream flavors you want to try, sidewalk chalk masterpieces you’d like to create, bicycle rides you’d like to take. Don’t forget to check them off as they’re completed!

-Campfire stories

Gather around a nighttime campfire (real or in flashlight form) and read and tell stories. Don’t forget the s’mores!

-Mixology mix-up

Create a special cooled drink especially for this summer with your little one. Blueberry mint ginger iced tea, why not? Write the recipe down with the date so you can look back on each year. Have a family and friends unveiling of this summer’s cool beverage concoction.

-Cook up a summer storm

Go to the library and have your little one choose an exotic cookbook. Each week choose one recipe from the cookbook and make it together. Learn about all the ingredients and culture the food you’re creating comes from.

-Map maker

Have your kids design their own maps of the neighborhood, town, or city. Label their favorite spots and places they’d like to visit this summer!

-Vacation planner

If you’re taking a vacation this year have your children create their own guide book before the vacation begins. Research interesting historical facts, create a to-do list, scavenger hunt, and itinerary they can follow throughout the trip. After the vacation is over they can add the photos of the trip to create a scrapbook of their experience!

-Wild for wildflowers

Download an app for flower identification and go flower hunting! Press your findings into a journal and label and date your scores.

-History in the making

What’s the oldest building in your neighborhood or town? Visit the spot, do a little research, and create a story about what it would have been like to live and/or work in the historical time and place.

-Dream vacation

Break out the maps and ask your little one their dream vacation spot. Do research and create a pretend itinerary for the vacation. Go on a play vacation to the place of choice–have high tea for England lovers, maybe a croissant for the French fans, and how about a Luau in honor of the the heavenly Hawaii.

-Reading circles rebooted

Create a weekly reading circle for the entire family, a group of kid friends, or you and your little one. Talk about the book you’re reading, have book related snacks and activities (vocab word of the week! related coloring books and printables!) and create a reading routine worth looking forward to.

-Book Photo Blog

Go on reading picnics in all different locations and take pictures of your little one with their book in beautiful spots. Where did the book get to travel to this week? Start a picture blog and map of the book’s adventures and choose your favorite place!

-Thunderstorm Journal

Catalog all the best summer storms in an online or paper journal… Date, time and how long did they last? Were they scary? Lightning, thunder? What was the temperature? Draw the clouds before and after. Color in the rainbow you see. Was the air sticky? Did any trees or flowers fall? Get high tech and include recordings of the thunderstorm.


We truly hope you’ve enjoyed our free fun summer kids activities ideas… now what are you waiting for? Summer doesn’t last forever, get out there and play!