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Free Teacher Classroom Resources from Cubic Frog®

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Free Teacher Classroom Resources from Cubic Frog®

Hey Teachers, We’re at Your Service!

Here at Cubic Frog® we like to think of ourselves as teacher’s assistants. Cubic Frog® creates games for children of all learning styles, on all parts of the spectrum and learning differences, in every part of the globe that are fun, safe, and effective at teaching both essential early cognitive skills, sensory, and motor skills.

Because we want to make sure all teachers have access to our mobile learning games, Cubic Frog® is proud to always have a Teacher Appreciation Program where teachers  receive our apps for FREE!

It’s simple:

1. Send an e-mail with the title ‘Teacher Appreciation’ to support (at)

2. Write your name, school name, and grade level

3. Receive our award winning learning apps for FREE!

Every day is Teacher Appreciation Day at Cubic Frog® because we think what teachers do is simply amazing, we want to help in any simple way we can by offering free teacher classroom resources!

The Learning Game Line

Cubic Frog® has 8 educational learning mobile games and 3 creativity making apps. We offer all of our games in both free and paid (containing no ads, unlimited playing, access to all mini-games and materials) versions, making it possible to try any game before investing in it.

The Most Fun ‘Homework’

All of our games are great for home-play as a way to introduce and practice basic learning skills both during and before starting formal school. Our learning apps are also wonderful to be used as an especially fun ‘homework’ task alongside specific lessons.

In the Classroom

The perfect in class exercise! These games are a great introduction to using technology and learning cognitive essentials all at once! They can also be used to take a ‘break’ while still learning.

Save Some Trees, Get Green!

Cubic Frog® educational and creative games are an opportunity to save some paper (and photocopier frustration). Our games can be played over and over and offer variation so children stay entertained and can explore new possibilities without having to waste any material resources.

And because we also know the importance of learning using more traditional materials, here you’ll find our very own line of alphabet printables!

Sensory to the Max!

Cubic Frog® believes children learn best when they’re being stimulated using as many senses as possible. Our games incorporate visual stimulation using bright, cheerful colors, fun music and vocal prompts, and touch and tap commands. But don’t forget to also check out our catchy ABC learning songs, which make fantastic classroom song and dance spectaculars!

Which Games for What?

Math, 123, Geometry: Preschool EduMath 1, Preschool EduMath 2

Learning ABC: EduKitty ABC

Teaching English As Second Language: Preschool EduKitty, Preschool EduPaint

Handwriting: EduKitty ABC, Preschool EduMath 1

Activity Booklet, Mixed Skill Building: Preschool EduPaint

Essential Cognitive Skills, Mix: Preschool EduBirthday, Preschool EduPaint, Preschool EduKitty

Organization: Preschool EduKidsRoom, Preschool EduKitchen

Food and Health Skills: Preschool EduKitchen

Learn French: Preschool EduKitty French

Creativity: iMake Lollipop, iMake Giant Gummies, iMake IcePops

Extras, Don’t Miss Out!

For more classroom inspiration, take a look at our Classroom Pinterest Board.

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