iMake Lollipops

A sweet treat for your creativity! Join us to make your own colorful swirl or round lollipops from scratch and decorate them with our fabulously fun toppings! Get creative and make more than 1,000,000 different styles! Funny or scary, it’s up to you!
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✓Inspire Creativity and Infinite Imagination for Kids of All Ages!
✓3D HD Colorful Rainbow Graphics!
✓No Ads, No Distraction, No In-App Purchases! Everything is Already Included!
✓Free Lifetime Updates!
✓16 Different Styles for Swirl Lollipops!
✓15 Different Flavors for Round Lollipops!
✓21 Different Lollipop Sticks to Choose From!
✓8 Different Coating Creams! We Also Have a Fat Free Cream!
✓44 Different Colorful Candies!
✓38 Different Fun Accessories! Funny Eyes, Lips, Bows and Even Spiders!
✓52 Candy Letters! Just Write On Your Lollipops and Share With Your Friends!
✓Amazing Fun Music and Sound Effects!
✓Unlimited Creative Play! The Fun Never Ends!
✓Save to Your Device’s Camera Roll!
✓Sharing Option With Facebook or Email!
✓Make a Greeting Card for Any Occasion and Send to Your Friends!


✓Round Lollipops! (Single or Double Flavors!)
Create From Scratch, Mix All the Ingredients and Make a Tasty Colorful Lollipop!
Available Flavors for Round Lollipops:
Strawberry , Banana, Grape, Orange, Cherry, Coconut, Blueberry, Lime, Watermelon, Raspberry, Caramel, Chocolate. Strawberry/Lime, Grape/Banana, Mango/Tangerine!
✓Swirl Lollipops!
Make a Quick and Easy INSTANT SWIRL! Choose From 16 Different Colorful Already Made Styles
Rainbow Color Combinations: Red, Green, Purple, Blue, Yellow, Rainbow and Much More!
✓Lollipop Sticks!
21 Different Sticks to Choose From! All Different Colors and Stripes!
✓Coating Creams!
8 Different Coating Creams! They’re So Fun to Apply!
✓Candy Toppings!
44 Different Types of Candies! M&M’s, Gummies, Mini Gummies, Sprinkles, Sour Gummies, and Much More!
✓Fun Accessories!
38 Different Eyes, Mouth, Lips and Bows are Available! Make a Pirate Lollipop! Or Make a Scorpion Lollipop!
✓Candy Letters!
52 Candy Letters, Purple and Orange! Write Anything You Want on Your Lollipop!
✓Eat Your Pop Yourself, or Share With Your Friends!