Preschool EduBirthday

What's more fun for kids than having a BIRTHDAY PARTY every day? In this special birthday celebration, kids are invited to learn through play! Bright cheerful colors, sound interaction, touch controls, and positive reinforcement utilize sensory play to make learning a piece of cake!
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Balloons – Blow Up Balloons and Learn Colors!
Birthday Hats – Give Each Kids A Hat That Matches Their Clothes!
Goody Bags – Give Each Kid A Goody Bag That Matches Their Clothes!

Goody Bags – Put All the Lollipops in the Goody Bags!
Fruit Sorting – Sort All the Fruits into Their Related Bowls!

Birthday Cake – Count the Candles on A Cake to See Which Kid is the Oldest or Youngest!

✓Spelling and Letter Recognition
Happy Birthday – Spell Happy Birthday and Learn the Alphabets!

Match Numbers – Find Matching Numbers!
Animal Birthday – Count Candles and Put Them on a Cake!

Take A Picture With 3 Cameras on Photo Booth and Learn Right, Left and Middle!

✓Object Recognition
Props – Use Different Party Props on Kids!

Matching Hats – Match Similar Hats!
Matching Gifts – Match Similarly Designed Gifts!
Twins – Find Twin Kids!

✓Musical Birthday Song – Play the Happy Birthday Song!


✓18 Different Educational Games Teach Children About Music, Colors, Matching, Sorting, Spelling, Object Recognition, Puzzles, Numbers, Letters, Memory and More!
✓Sensory Based Learning System Utilizes Colorful Graphics With Touch and Sound Command
✓Fine Motor Skill Building Using Touch and Drag Play
✓User Friendly Setting Page Lets Parents Customize By Turning Each Game On or Off!
✓Two Adorable Animated 3D Characters Guide Children in Their Learning Process
✓ No Ads, No Distractions, No In-App Purchases!
✓3D HD Colorful Rainbow Graphics!
✓Amazing Music, Voiceover and Sound Effects!
✓Innovative Reward System and Surprise Gifts!
✓Unlimited Play, the Fun Never Ends!
My grandson who is 2 and a half years old loves to play these Edu apps and has a blast. Very educational and interactive teaching him letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. He has hours of fun and we are grateful for these educational tools to help him learn and grow. I suggest anyone wanting their children or grandchildren, niece and nephews, to be ahead of the game to download these helpful apps.
Kmbound Feb 9, 2015