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Preschool EduKitty

Incredible Preschool EduKitty combines all the essential cognitive skills for toddlers and preschoolers ages 2 to 5 in one creative, imaginative play experience. A helping hand for all kids to master letters, numbers, colors, shapes, matching, size, and so much more!
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✓13 Different Games Teach Children Directions (Left, Right, Top and Bottom), Pattern Matching, Sound Matching, Shapes, Colors, Numbers, the Alphabet, Sizes (Big and Small), Picture Matching and Silhouette Matching!
✓Sensory Based Learning System Utilizes Colorful Graphics With Touch and Sound Command
✓Fine Motor Skill Building Using Touch Commands
✓An Adorable Animated 3D Cat Guides Children in Their Learning Process!
✓3 Different Skill Levels
✓3D HD Colorful Graphics!
✓Amazing Music, Voiceover and Sound Effects!
✓Easy to Use Settings Page for Parents to Customize Game By Turning Each Game On or Off!
✓Innovative Rewards System and 3D Surprise Stamps!
✓Unlimited Play! The Fun Never Ends!


✓Colors – Colorful 3D Sensory Blobs Help Children Learn Colors
✓Two Directions Games – Kids Pick the Correct Answer and Hatch an Egg!
✓Shapes – Pick the Correct Shape: Level 1 Has Basic Shapes and Level 3 Has More Advanced Shapes Such as a Hexagons, Trapezoids, etc
✓Letters – Learn Letters and Their Sounds
✓Numbers – Learn Numbers and Their Sounds
✓Biggest, Smallest – Two Different Activities Where Kids Learn to Find the Biggest Shape or Smallest Shape Based on the Question Asked
✓Find The Difference – Kids Select the Shape That Does Not Match
✓Matching Sounds – Match Pairing Sounds
✓Matching Socks – Kids Learn to Match Patterns
✓Matching Silhouettes – Kids Learn to Recognize a Shape and it’s Silhouette
✓Matching Pictures – Match Pairs of Pictures
✓And…. Every 5 Activities, Kids Receive a Surprise 3D Stamp!


✓3 Different Skill Levels: The Higher the Level, the More Challenging the Game Becomes
✓Customize by Turning Each Activity On or Off!