Preschool EduPaint

Preschool Edupaint is a colorful, interactive activity book that teaches kids essential skills such as numbers, letters, patterns, shapes, directions and much more. Children are guided through over 18 different early cognitive activities in the creative setting of an easy to explore coloring book.
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✓18 Different Unique Educational Games And Quizzes Including Upper and Lowercase Letter Pairing, Emotion Recognition, Directions (Left, Right, Top And Bottom), Pattern Sequencing, Shapes, Numbers, Alphabet, Matching, and Much More!
✓Sensory Based Learning System Utilizes Colorful Graphics With Touch and Sound Command!
✓Fine Motor Skill Building Using Tap and Touch Commands !
✓Amazing, English Voice Over!
Independent Play for Hours of Fun!
✓No Ads, No Distractions, No In-Game Purchases!
✓Easy Settings Page Lets Parents Customize By Turning Each Game and Their Sounds On or Off!
✓3D HD Colorful Rainbow Graphics
✓Two Adorable Animated 3D Characters Guide Children in Their Learning Process
✓Innovative Rewards System
✓Unlimited Play! The Fun Never Ends!


✓Letter Matching – Connect Uppercase Letters to Lowercase Letters!
✓Facial Expression Recognition – Touch And Paint Happy, Sad, and Angry Faces!
✓Alphabet – Touch and Paint the Correct Letter!
✓Directions Game – Kids Learn Top, Bottom, Left, Right and Middle!
✓Patterns – Touch and Paint the Next Shape in a Sequence!
✓Shape And Color Recognition – Touch and Paint Each Shape Based on Patterns!
✓Object Recognition – Touch and Paint the Correct Object Based on the Prompt!
✓Numbers – Learn Numbers and Number Sounds!
✓Counting Sequence – Touch and Paint the Next Number in Sequence!
✓Counting – Counting Colorful Objects!
✓Tallest/Shortest – Touch and Paint the Tallest or Shortest Robot!
✓Biggest/Smallest – Touch and Paint the Biggest or Smallest Animal!
✓Find The Difference – Kids Select the Shape That Does Not Belong!
✓And…. Every 5 Activities, Kids Receive A FREE Surprise 3D Stamp Award!