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Kids Activities with Parents: 16 Awesome, Easy, Free Ideas!

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Kids Activities with Parents: 16 Awesome, Easy, Free Ideas!

When it comes to healthy development there’s nothing more important to your little one than spending time with… you!

Quality time is in each and every tiny moment you give to your child where you are totally present and engaged. These memories create connections that will serve as the very backbone for their growth into confident and independent kids.

It’s time to put the active back in to kids activities. Cubic Frog® thinks play is such an important part of childhood, and the more you encourage your kids activities, the more your kids will actively agree.

Here are 16 quick, easy, and inexpensive parent and kids activities to make quality time a little extra special!

1. Go to a museum

Educational and suitable for any season, a trip to a museum is always memorable and most museums have a free or discounted day for kids.

2. Treat yourselves to a treat

Who doesn’t love an ice cream or a hot chocolate… or both?

3. Farming for everyone

Most farms have year round fruit and vegetable picking and other kids activities. A healthy, delicious, and enlightening way to spend the day.

4. Take me out to the ballgame

Look up local high school and/or college athletic games, pop some popcorn, grab a few bottles of water, and head out to your kids favorite sports games. A fantastic way to support your local athletics and to encourage your kids exercise habits.

5. Picnic, pleas

family-picnicPrepare some yummy picnic foods with your little one, a thermos of their favorite drink, packed with a comfy blanket and all that’s needed is a green hill.

6. Sunrise, sunset

When’s the last time you found a beautiful spot to watch the sunrise or the sunset? Take your children somewhere special to celebrate the beginning or end of the day.

7. Volunteer

There’s no better way to teach kids empathy than spending time together volunteering. With an endless variety of charities having endless needs, simply find the one which interests your kid and lend a helping hand.

8. Nature nurtures

Spending time in nature changes everything. Find your nearest hiking trail or walking path and observe the beauty all around you.

9. Scavenger Hunt

Create an indoor, outdoor, or seasonal treasure or scavenger hunt to encourage exploration and boost vocabulary.

10. Fort-tastic

Imagine and construct a play space just for the two of you to let your imaginations run wild.

11. Be bookworms

Just in case libraries aren’t already part of your weekly routine, they are a wonderful spot for fun and learning. Getting your child acquainted and comfortable in libraries is a must, and it’s never too early to start. Most libraries also have special, free kids activities, events, and reading groups too.

12. Do a dance

Bring some music, a shaker, and your best wiggle, find a nice spot outside and get movin and groovin together!

13. Get Techie together

Why not play your kids favorite apps and games with them? A great opportunity to familiarize yourself with your kids technology habits and let you kids show off their technology skills.

14. What’s cookin?

Ask your little one what their favorite meal is and then cook it together. Make the kitchen into a pretend restaurant and create a menu just for them. Enjoy food that’s almost as delicious as your child’s pride in helping to prepare the dish.

15. Take an instant vacation

Have your kid choose any place in the world, then spend time looking and navigating all around the city on Google Earth.

16. Reach for the stars

Download a constellation app or use an online star map, find a nice dark spot where stars are clear, pack a blanket and thermos of something warm and delicious, and learn all about our night sky.


And the list goes on! Remember, any kids activities is an opportunity for you to spend quality time and learn about your little one… don’t miss the opportunity!