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Kids Chores for a Clean Home

Best of Both Worlds: Kids Chores for a Clean Home

Balancing spending time with your little one and spending time keeping a clean home is tough (a severe understatement). But in fact, the best choice is not to make a choice at all. Instead, consider integrating your clean home to-do list and kid time whenever possible.

Cubic Frog® believes kids should learn to help their family and others as soon as possible, and more importantly, that lending a helping hand can be fun! Like most learning experiences, we begin at home, working together towards a clean home.

The Benefits: Kids Chores for a Clean Home

Chores help kids from toddler-age up to learn important lessons like responsibility, build self-esteem, instill a sense of accomplishment, and encourage independence. Giving kids tasks is also beneficial for burning excess energy and working on fine and gross motor skills.

Your child is learning the important skill of cleanliness and will most likely grow to mimic your example; set a high level, be vocal and even theatrical about your cleaning routines. These skills are essential for all kids in and out of the classroom and toddlers are at a great age to begin.

Our job here at Cubic Frog® Apps is to create games that inspire independent learning in toddlers. For Preschool EduKidsRoom and Preschool EduKitchen we focused specifically on the skills of organizing, matching, and sorting in a pretend household environment with the idea of using a colorful app to reinforce these skills in the home (and maybe lend a helping hand to moms and dads everywhere).

Here’s some of our favorite toddler chores for a clean home to-do’s:

-Swift-er sweeper. Sweep up with a small, hand-held brush or broom.

-Wipe out! Hand over the towel to let your little one wipe down the table and chairs.

-Dishwasher puzzle pieces. With non-breakable cups, dishes, utencils, have toddlers load items into the washer and find the best way to fit each piece.

-Toddlers can place dirty items into laundry baskets and help to load up the washing machine.

-Bins placed at a lower level make it easy for kids to put away their play things, shoes, etc and are an opportunity for organizational learning.

-Discover colors and patterns by sorting laundry into blacks, whites, and other colors.

-Practice those fine motor skills by folding smaller items like washcloths and tea towels.

-Lost and Found. Toddlers can take small out of place items to their correct ‘home’ in the house.

-Apps like Preschool EduKitchen and Preschool EduKidsRoom means kids can practice chores anywhere a great supplement to kids chores for a clean home. Preschool EduKidsRoom and Preschool EduKitchen are colorful, fun educational apps where kids use objects like fruit, socks, shoes, and other household items to learn skills like ABC’s, 123’s, recycling, matching, and more. Cubic Frog® Apps are available on Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon, Nook, and Opera.

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