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Kids Creativity Boosters: 10 Quick Ideas

Sometimes it’s hard to get creative about getting creative.

Our team at Cubic Frog® Apps is constantly flexing our left brain muscles, and we’re happy to share our favorite kids creativity workouts for parents:

1. Write it Down

Your child is simply brimming with wild ideas, but when they’re particularly inspired make sure to help them record their idea in some way; be it writing, drawing, or voice recording. It’s easy to revisit inspiration but without recording, it’s even easier to forget their thought within 24 hours.

2. More ? less !

Ask your kid as many questions as possible and encourage your kids to do the same. Questioning is a self-perpetuating cycle, one question leads to more questions which leads to more innovation.

3. Get a hobby.

Find our your child’s interests and encourage them to partake in them on a regular basis. Having hobbies, which are specific areas of interest that are repeated (think chess, knitting, a musical instrument, etc), is shown to both relax the mind while keeping it active—the perfect recipe for visionary production and kids creativity.

4. Self-confidence is a must for kids creativity.

Encouraging your little one provides a solid platform for them to leap; knowing they have a safety net to explore their world is essential to expanding their world.

5. Look inside yourself.

Self-knowledge helps kids understand their strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to use both these areas of themselves comfortably and cleverly. Ask your little one lots of questions about what makes them feel good or bad, what parts of activities they enjoy, etc. to engage themselves with their inner emotions.

6. Don’t forget the flash! in flashcards.

Avoiding rigid repetition allows for originality to blossom. Make sure while reviewing the same subject, you’re alternating techniques on how, when, where you’re studying. Here’s our favorite kids creativity inspired, interactive Cubic Frog® mobile flashcard set.

7. Time AND space.

Give your child time to explore all and any possibilities, there’s no rush or deadlines when it comes to creating something amazing. While support is positive and essential, make sure you give plenty of physical and mental space for independent thought (and ‘mistakes’!) as well.

8. Don’t fear failure.

What is failure anyway? We all know the process is more important than the outcome. By teaching your child they can’t fail, they will feel more confident to take risks. Also, outlining the different possible outcomes of a situation helps children feel more comfortable and overcome creative obstacles.

9. Keep on laughing.

Any opportunity to use humor is a chance to boost kids creativity and ingenuity. Not only are you releasing neurological chemicals while laughing, which encourage imagination, but humor also aids in perspective. Perspective is an opportunity to see past what’s directly in front of you and expand to new paths for new adventures.

10. Silence.

For children, every bit as necessary as movement, motion, color, sounds, music is quiet time. Quiet time allows the brain to reboot, process, and make room for more intake. Children’s brain are growing and expanding at an exhausting rate, with a high level of intake, making rest even more essential. Ease into quite time using softer, slower music, dimmed lighting, and a comfortable setting.