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Kids Origami Activities for Fine Motor Skills Building

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Kids Origami Activities for Fine Motor Skills Building

Origami is the art of folding paper, and is said to have originated from Japan sometime around the 1600’s. The idea is as simple and clean as the beautiful figures the art creates; take something ‘plain’ and with a little bit of engineering and patience, make something very far from plain.

Kids and adults alike marvel at the opportunity to create flowers, animals, decorations, toys out of one piece of paper.

Here at Cubic Frog® we are huge fans of the art of origami for many reasons. The art itself is a great science activity for kids to learn shapes and lines and how they can combine and add to one another to create something totally different from the beginning shape. In addition, creasing paper is excellent fine motor skill building for little ones, improving dexterity of the fingers.

Because there are endless possibilities within a single sheet of paper, there are all different origami patterns for all different skill levels. Anyone can create beautiful origami; toddlers, kindergarteners, preschoolers, and all kids!

The concentration required for kids origami activities makes this simple project a greats kids quiet time activity and helps work on kids patience.

Cubic Frog® has put together a list of our favorite beginner level and kids origami activities for you to try with your preschooler, toddler, kindergartner, or little one!

We hope you enjoy!

Kids Origami Activities:

Jumping Frog Origami is not only cool to look at, but an interactive toy for kids!


Animal Face Origami. A fox, a cat, a dog, how many animal faces can you create from this one pattern?



The Classic Pinwheel Origami is always a hit! Make a whole string of them, hang them outside, and watch the colorful rainbow decoration twirling in the breeze!