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Kids Pizza Recipes: Learning Through Yum!

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Kids Pizza Recipes: Learning Through Yum!

As if you needed any convincing to incorporate pizza into your weekly food routine…

Here’s a few reasons why pizza is not only delicious but a fantastic teaching tool for toddlers and kids of all ages!

Did you know pizza is a math, science, and reading project all in one?

Kids pizza recipes for learning important cognitive skills:

Following Directions:

Mixing and baking the dough requires reading and following directions; practice numbers, counting with each measurement of ingredients.

Sensory Play:

The dough is also a fantastic sensory experience for your children; feel the difference between the dry and wet ingredients and what happens when you combine the two (the original play dough!).

Tell Time:

Use your time-telling skills for baking timing; how many minutes and seconds does it take to bake a pizza and what time do we start and finish cooking the pizza?


Watching the magic of the yeast rising in the dough and then the melting cheese is an easy at home science experiment.


Count the endless toppings or how about creating a work of art and using the toppings to make a pizza picture.


Save Money, While You’re at it!

Making your own pizza at home also means saving money and having the ability to use fresh, healthy ingredients. Double or triple the dough recipe, freeze the extra dough, and your next pizza night is only a trip the your freezer away.

The down side? Only the fights that will surely ensue over who gets the last slice.

Kid’s Pizza Recipes:

Our favorite simple pizza dough recipe:

Easy dough kids pizza recipes


And for our gluten free friends:

Gluten free pizza crust kids pizza recipes


Favorite creative pizza toppings:

Breakfast Pizza
Tex Mex Pizza

Fig and goat cheese pizza

Cookies and Cream dessert Pizza

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