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Kindergarten Ready: 7 Musts for Parents

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Kindergarten Ready: 7 Musts for Parents

Is your child Kindergarten ready?

There’s a lot going on with your little one during those preschool, pre school years–everyday is a new exploration in their blossoming personality!

In America, at around age 5 most children are heading into their first school experience, half or full day. For most parents, this is a major change in their world and the world of their children.

So, how can you, as a parent, make sure to make this transition as easy for your kid as possible?

Deep breathes, we’ve got a few painfree pointers to make sure your little one is kindergarten ready:

1. Read together.

Throughout toddler time and childhood, language is booming, and reading to and with you child is a fantastic way to boost vocabulary and demonstrate how to use their words to express feelings. Take every opportunity to read and explore language; from menu’s, to signage, to nighttime fairy tales to read up a storm. Children who are more comfortable around books, words, and language are generally more kindergarten ready.

2. An array of activities.

It’s not just about keeping your little one busy. A variety of activities provides an opportunity for your child to find the games they enjoy and those they don’t. Does your kid love the kitchen? Or perhaps they’re a budding artist? Your child knowing their own likes and dislikes, and being able to express them, is an important key to being kindergarten ready.

3. Routines.

Introducing small routines slowly helps segway into larger routines like school. Encouraging your child to be prepared for these routines also builds organization skills and independence. Getting dressed every morning, brushing teeth, household chores etc are fantastic building blocks for future morning times.

4. Playdates.

Socializing with other toddlers, caregivers, friends, and family members makes meeting new people a more comfortable experience for your little one and strengthens their necessary autonomy.

5. There’s an app for that!

There are a wide array or apps which imitate school classrooms and classroom activities. Another great way to have fun while familiarizing your children with the classroom setting. Try apps like Preschool EduPaint from us here at Cubic Frog®, a fun mobile activity book for early learning.

6. Have fun, it’s that simple!

Don’t ever forget, is you child is interested and involved in what they’re doing… they’re learning! Teaching children that learning is fun is arguably the most essential tip for getting kindergarten ready and something they will carry with them their entire lives.

7.  Show your love!

Confidence is a key ingredient to any type of success, but especially as your little one begins their new educational adventures. Showing interest in your children’s interests, cuddling, and positive reinforcement are just a few ways to show the love!