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Learning ABC’s with Kid’s Cooking Recipes A-Z

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Learning ABC’s with Kid’s Cooking Recipes A-Z

What better way to learn the alphabet than with cooking up something delicious?

We’re serving up a list of recipes from A-Z of easy, delicious foods that can be prepared with your little ones.

Cook up a total learning adventure by explaining the ingredients, measurements, timing, and cultural history of the recipe. Make sure to taste, touch, and smell your masterpiece for a full sensory experience!

A is for Apple Butter The perfect spread for pancakes and morning toast!

B is for Butternut Squash Caramelized So easy, so sweet and delicious!

C is for  C Times Three Bread Healthy, hearty, homemade simple everyday bread.

D is for Dates for Dessert Recipes Dessert the naturally sweet way!

E is for English-Muffin Egg Pizzas Breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

F is for Frozen Yogurt Can’t get any cooler than making your own frozen yogurt.

G is for Goat Cheese Watermelon Pizza (with or without bacon) A refreshing take on pizza.

H is for Half Hour Peanut Noodles New noodles to slurp down.

I is for Ice Cream in 5 Minutes What better way to spend 5 minutes?

J is for Jam Tarts Perfect for tea parties, they taste as good as they look.

K is for Krispie Rice Squares with Honey and Peanut Butter  No sugar, no marshmallows, no gluten, all yum!

L is for Lemonade with Strawberries and Thyme An herbal twist on the classic refresher.

M is for Muffins of Pumpkin Bran An on the go and lunch-box hit.

N is for Nutty 5 Ingredient Granola Bars Packing a lot of power in one little bar!

O is for Orange Creamsicles Ok, so we really like ice cream.

P is for Potato Fries… Sweet Potatoes that is! Baked and crispy.

Q is for Quinoa Breakfast Bowl Wake up with proteins and whatever toppings your imagination whips up!

R is for Raisin Oatmeal Rolls Comfort wrapped up in a blanket of doughiness.

S is for Sushi Bananas Creative, colorful take on ‘sushi’.

T is for Tacos with Spaghetti That’s right, the powers of spaghetti and tacos combine!

U is for Upside-down Pineapple Cake Our favorite surprise ending!

V is for Veggie Pinwheels Wraps full of colorful, crispy veggies.

W is for Waffle Rainbows  No brighter way to start the day!

X is for eXtremely Delicious Homemade Gummy Bears Healthy candy is always a win-win situation.

Y is for Yam and Apple Casserole  So easy, so sweet and gooey, it will be a new family favorite.

Z is for Zucchini Bread with Pistachio and Lemon You’ll never look at Zucchini the same way.


Learning ABC’s with Kid’s Cooking Recipes