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Learning the Alphabet: 5 Toddler Tips

Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

Learning the alphabet can sometimes seems as overwhelming to parents as it is for your child.

Here at Cubic Frog® Apps, we consider ourselves experts in knowing what works in early childhood education; we’ve proudly created apps like Preschool EduKitty ABC specifically for toddlers and preschoolers learning the alphabet.

And now, we’ve created some quick tips to help you navigate as you and your toddler begin your journey through the wild world of the alphabet kingdom:


1. Time, and lots of it. Oh, and let’s add patience to this category as well.

Your child will learn the alphabet at their own pace, and it’s important you adjust to them and not expect them to do the opposite. Check in verbally and by paying attention to your child’s frustration levels and slow down or speed up accordingly and supportively as needed. The more practice the better, but don’t be afraid to take a break– learning comprehension is at it’s lowest when a child is upset.


2. Seeing is believing.

Seeing each letter, capital and lowercase, is absolutely essential. Try paper and digital flashcards of all shapes and sizes which also incorporate fun, bright, colorful pictures. When reviewing the cards with your child, accentuate the first letter of the word examples to emphasize the sound and separation of the first letter with the rest of the word.


3. Texture.

Have handy or create different textured letters. Foam and playdough are excellent resources for shaping and reshaping the alphabet. Or, how about filling a box with sand or salt and having your child trace the letters into it. Felt letters on a bedroom wall are always a favorite.


4. Get creative, learning is fun!

There are endless ways to create sound-letter associations– rhyming games, educational apps, the alphabet song, cooking foods into letter shapes. The important part here is to create a fun, happy, healthy learning environment where your child will want to return again and again!


5. Encourage, and encourage some more.

We know you are your child’s greatest fan, make sure your child knows as well. Cheer your child on through the thick and thin, make sure to give them equal credit for when they grasp a letter concept or simply just for trying.


Slowly but surely your toddler and you will happily begin learning the alphabet and continue building their skills towards the next big adventure… reading!