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10 Name Writing Activities: Learn in 3 Easy Steps!

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10 Name Writing Activities: Learn in 3 Easy Steps!

Name Writing Activities:

A little color and creativity goes a long way for getting school ready!

Name writing is one of the essentials for getting toddlers ready for their upcoming school and learning year. Recognizing and writing your name is a skill which takes time and repetition… and with a little creativity it can be a lot of fun!

Cubic Frog® has put together a list of our favorite name writing activities that are easy, simple, colorful ways to learn how to recognize, spell, and then write names for toddlers, kindergarteners, and preschoolers. These activities are great for both the classroom and home, and of course, the homeschool classroom.

We’ve broken down the name learning process into 3 easy steps:

Step 1. Letter recognition- learning the alphabet and which letters are in your name.

Step 2. Spelling and ordering- learning the order of the letters in your name.

Step 3. Writing- learning to write and form the letters and in the correct order to write your name.


We hope you enjoy and don’t forget to share your own ideas and results here on the Cubic Frog® blog!

Name Writing Activities:

Step 1: Letter recognition

EduKitty ABC Free App by none other than Cubic Frog®… May we suggest our free app where kids are guided through a colorful world of various games for tracing, spelling, letter identification, vocabulary building and much more.

EduKitty ABC Screenshot

Highway ABC card printables from make learning fun are great, interactive printables for ABC learning.

ABS Highway Learning Card Printable

Alphabet Sensory Play Bin by Pre-K Pages is a fantastic sensory experience to teach letter identification. Make a bin of only the letters in your name and start playing!

ABC Sensory Bin

Step 2: Spelling and Ordering

Clothespin Name Recognition Activity by Munchkins and Moms is portable and great fine motor skills practice!

Clothespin Name Activity Picture

DIY Photo Name Puzzle by Tots Schooling is a great mix and match visual activity and can be recreated with a variety of pictures!

DIY Photo Name Puzzle Picture


Lego Name Stacking by Mama Papa Bubba. All you need is some stickers and lego’s and you’ve got a fun name building game!

Name Lego Game Picture

Step 3: Writing

Salt, glue, and watercolor name art by Happy Hooligans great tracing fine motor activity

Salt, glue, and watercolor name activity picture

Beginner Name Tracing by Buggy and Buddy is an excellent way to begin easily tracing letters.

Beginner Tracing Picture

Name Dot Tracing by Pre-K Pages is another easy way to start forming handwriting and fine motor skills.

Dot Names Activity Picture

Marshmallow Names by Fun-A-Day is a great hand strengthening exercise in addition to tracing.

Marshmallow Name Activity Picture

Name Writing Activities from Cubic Frog®