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Dear parents, grandparents, educators and caregivers,

Thank you for downloading our game, we hope you find in Cubic Frog® unending hours of fun and the perfect companion for your children’s intellectual development.

Game Recommendations and Learning Styles

•Cubic Frog® games are designed for young children to play without adult assistance, however we recommend that you explore the game and it’s features with your children during the first use to make sure they understand how to use it and to evaluate if the game settings and difficulty are appropriate for their level.

•Cubic Frog® educational games are carefully designed based on scholastic research with special attention devoted to the unique learning styles of young children. Games are designed for toddlers and preschoolers from 18 months to 6 years old, but the ages displayed for our games are only a suggestion. Your child may be more advanced than other peers in the same age group, and some games may seem too easy. We recommend you join your children when they use our games for the first time, so you can evaluate if the game settings are the best match for your child’s level.

•Some games may seem repetitive for you, but repetition is a key element of the children’s learning process.

•Cubic Frog® games cover an extensive variety of essential cognitive development skills, to search for games based on specific skills (such as numbers, letters, colors, shapes) please hop on over here(link).

•Cubic Frog® apps are great, fun activities for children with special educational needs. We’ve had very positive reviews from parents with children who have autism, saying our games have improved their basic skills.


•Before you allow your child to enjoy our games, please spend a moment and check out the settings page and customize the game based on your child’s skills and needs.

•You can click on or off any activity that you feel your child won’t be interested in and may be below or beyond his or her skills.

•If there is a certain activity you would like your child to focus on, just click off all the other games and leave only that game on to help your child master the activity by repeating.

•All of Cubic Frog® educational games consist of a series of mini games, which play randomly to keep kids engaged in learning. However, you can customize the random setting to choose what games to display and what not.

Technical Questions and Support

•Please make sure to update your device software and your games regularly for best performance.

•Please note that all of our apps have audio instructions with a repeat button. If for any reason the sound is faulty or you cannot hear it, check out our FAQ page. If your problem is still unsolved, send us an email.

•If you like our games and they have been a useful tool for your children’s development, please consider writing a review. Your feedback and reviews help us grow, plus they make us very happy!

•If you download a free version of our game and your child enjoys it, please consider buying the full version. By buying the full version of our apps, you remove all ads, have access to more games, and further fuel us creating new educational games for your children.

•Owning all of Cubic Frog® educational games to play as often as you like costs less than $20, and through our games, children discover tons of interesting new concepts which inspire a positive and proactive lifelong attitude towards learning.

•If you have questions about any technical issues, please take a look at our FAQ page. If you don’t find the answer to your question, please feel free to contact us with your concern and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

•Feel free to contact us at any time with your questions, ideas or suggestions: we love to hear from you!

Teacher Appreciation!

Every day is Teacher Appreciation Day at Cubic Frog®. If you’re an educator, you can receive FREE game download codes by emailing your State, school name, and grade level to with the subject line ‘Teacher Appreciation’.

It’s our little way of saying ‘THANK YOU!’ for helping young minds everywhere!


•Sometimes we have promotional codes and giveaway competitions that allow you to try the full version of our games for free. Please subscribe to our newsletter for all our up-to-date offers and giveaways. If you would like to get a promotional code to download a full version of our game for free, please email us.

•If you are a School Teacher, we have a special ‘thank you’ program! We are happy to provide a set of codes for free downloads all of our educational games. Contact us to know more about this program.

•For extra resources please visit our Pinterest and Cubic Frog® Blog for thousands of ideas, fun activities for kids, inspiration, and inventive ways for you and your family to learn.

•Little kids aren’t the only ones who deserve to have fun! Cubic Frog® Apps has games for big kids too!

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Cubic Frog™ Games

Learning Objectives

The attention to detail that we put into our games is reflected in its simplicity and effectiveness. Here is an in-depth look of our games:


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