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Super Brain Building Kids Holiday Gift Guide

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Super Brain Building Kids Holiday Gift Guide

Whether you’re always a last-minute gift buyer, or this year you’ve just been a bit hectic, Cubic Frog® is here to help ease the craziness of trying to find gifts for the little ones in your life. Whether it’s your child, or simply a toddler you care about, we have recommendations that are fun, educational, and easy to attain.

Here’s our Kids Holiday Gift Guide:

And, what could be more simple than purchasing an app and creating a beautiful card letting your loved one know they are the proud new owner or a Cubic Frog® learning or creativity experience?

We won’t be shy about recommending Cubic Frog® games because it’s kind of our job, but also because we truly believe in the power and craftsmanship of our colorful learning experiences. All of our games are designed with pride, joy, and expertise to bring you and your family an app that teaches every type of learning style.

For extra shape, number, and math help try:

Preschool EduMath 1, Preschool EduMath 2

Screenshot of two edukids playing in classroom setting of video game Preschool EduMath2

For kids who need a little extra sensory stimuli to help  learning:

Preschool EduBirthday, Preschool EduPaint

ABC help is on the way here:

EduKitty ABC, Preschool EduKitty

Boost organizational skills:

Preschool EduKidsRoom

Preschool EduKidsRoom Screenshot of all the different Preschool EduKidsRoom Games

For the blossoming chef, learn about healthy eating, recycling, numbers, letters and more:

Preschool EduKitchen

A cleaner creativity option for the little blossoming artist:

iMake Lollipops, iMake Giant Gummies, iMake Icepops

iMake Lollipops Screenshot of colorful spiral lollipop with sprinkles, eyes, and mouth



Handmade gifts are another Cubic Frog® favorite. Taking time to create is something that usually inspires love, fine and gross motor skill building, problem solving abilities, and a sense of accomplishment!

For those more craft-fully inclined, please take a look here for our collection of beautiful, handmade gifts that both you and your child will not only enjoy receiving, but making as well!