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Traveling with Kids: 5 Free Learning Games for the Road

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Traveling with Kids: 5 Free Learning Games for the Road

In most of our traveling with kids toolboxes there’s one or more electronic devices. We could be a bit biased, but Cubic Frog® thinks mobile games are a great way for kids to spend time engaged in learning while en-route to a fantastic vacation destination.

We’re here to arm you with the most colorful learning apps for every type of young learner… and did we mention, they’re all FREE?

Here’s a spotlight on a few Cubic Frog® favorite mobile learning games:

1. Creativity

iMake Giant Gummies: iTunes App Store / Google Play Store

iMake Giant Gummies Screenshot

Learn to make Gummy bears from scratch including cutting up fruit, designing your own rainbow colored gummy, layering toppings and decorations, and taking pictures to send as postcards to friends and family. With thousands of variations and endless possibilities, iMake Giant Gummies keeps kids happy and creative for hours.

2. Math

Preschool EduMath 1: iTune App Store

Preschool EduMath 2: iTunes App Store

Preschool EduMath 1 Screenshot    Preschool EduMath 2 Screenshot

This series is a great toddler introduction to basic math and problem solving skills. Children are guided through different games that focus on mathematical skills such as number recognition, addition/subtraction, pattern and sequence building, sorting, telling time, weight, measurement and more.

3. ABC’s

Edukitty ABC: iTunes App Store / Google Play Store

EduKitty ABC Screenshot

3 Sets of alphabet flashcards and 14 games, EduKitty ABC provides different ways to master ABC’s. No matter what type of learner your child may be, a fantastic mix of variety and easy to do customizations make this learning app a great tool for all young ones.

4. Sensory

Preschool EduBirthday: iTunes App Store

Preschool EduBirthday

Bright colors, touch and tap commands, and cheerful music and positive reinforcement techniques make Preschool EduBirthday a wonderful sensory learning experience for all learners, especially those on the autism spectrum. Preschool EduBirthday teaches skills like spelling, counting, matching and playing the birthday song.

5. Problem Solving

Preschool EduKitchen: iTunes App Store / Google Play Store

Preschool EduKitchen Screenshot

Preschool EduKitchen takes kids on a fun tour of the kitchen while introducing life skills like recycling, healthy foods, sorting dirty dishes and foods, and more!





Cubic Frog® Traveling with Kids: 5 Free Learning Games for the Road