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5 Fun Ways to Teach Toddlers Numbers!

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5 Fun Ways to Teach Toddlers Numbers!

All parents and teachers know, to teach toddlers numbers is not always as easy as 1, 2, 3. Being creative is essential in making sure little ones are having fun while learning the all important skill of counting. Using a variety of visual, auditory, physical, and interactive activities is the best way to make sure preschoolers don’t get too frustrated or feel like they’re being drilled.

Cubic Frog® is happy to present 5 easy, free, and fun (our favorite combo!) ways to teach toddlers numbers:

1. Get groovin!

Not only is music a scientifically proven amazing way to boost memory, vocabulary, and elevate mood, it’s also just plain FUN! Cubic Frog® is proud to present it’s newest kid’s singalong video: The Number Song!

Cubic Frog Counting Numbers Song!

2. Mobile learning

Cubic Frog® are big fans of integrating science and technology into math learning, and using a mobile game is a great way to introduce all these skills while having fun playing. Call us self-absorbed, but we suggest Preschool EduMath 1, our FREE learning app for toddlers and kids of all ages. Preschool EduMath 1 is available in iTunes App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon, and more!

Download Preschool EduMath 1 for FREE!

Preschool EduMath 1 Screenshot of number tracing

3. Do the twist!

Make your own version of numbers twister. Cut out different color shapes and number them 1-6 then place them on the floor. Grabe a dice and have kids roll a number, count the dots on the dice, and place different limbs onto the number they roll. For more advanced number learning, use two dice and label shapes 1-12. A great way to get kids moving and counting!

4. Rock, paper, numbers!

Just like the favorite game rock, paper, scissor except each play holds out anywhere from 1 to 5 fingers. Once players have shown their fingers, you must count how many fingers there are in total. And, rock, paper, numbers can be played with anywhere from 2-10 people to increase the counting and interaction! To make the game more competitive, have the winner be the first person to count the number of fingers correctly.

5. Clip it, clip it good!

Grab a few wooden clothespins and write big, bright numbers from 1-10 on each (feel free to get as crafty as your heart desires with the numbers and the pins). Encourage your toddler to explore the house and clip the number pins to different objects with that number (for example 4 magazines get clipped with the 4 pin, 10 pens in a jar get pinned with a 10 pin, etc).