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Awesome Kids Summer Vacation at Home!

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Awesome Kids Summer Vacation at Home!

How to go on a vacation without ever leaving your home!

Because not all of us have the resources, time, energy, patience, planning to take our dream summer vacation… or a vacation at all, for that matter. But that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a foreign, educational, and fun experience to share with your family.

Our recommendation? Play vacation!

Pick any place, anywhere you and your family have always wanted to visit and spend a few days (or why not even a week!?) transforming your home into a totally new cultural climate.

Cubic Frog® easy, educational, and awesome kids summer vacation at home to-do list:

Living Language

Learn some common worlds like ‘hello’, ‘goodbye’, ‘good morning’, ‘thank you’, in the national language of your country. Make sure to greet your family using your new salutations! Take a step further and download a language app and spend the week before preparing. Download podcasts in the language of your vacation destination to test your skills.


Free Museum Visits Anywhere in the World

Did you know on Google Art Project you can take museum tours of any museum in the world? Pick your favorite artists and picture from each museum and talk about what you liked about the particular piece.


Foreign Film Fest

Watch old and new films from the country you’ve chosen. Best are films that feature scenery from the location.


More Music

Find artists and albums from your vacation or download background music that matches the ambiance of your special spot. Keep the music pumping and try your hand at any traditional dance styles that might come from that part of the world!


Google Earth

Walk the streets of almost anywhere on our planet using Google Earth. Research the most popular tourist destinations and visit them using this high definition tech tool.


Cooking Class

Cook up exotic feasts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the theme of your get away. Each family member can pick their own recipe and help prepare their feature dish. Find restaurants near you that cook up food from your play vacation and treat yourself to a few meals dining out.


Dress the Part

What’s the fashion like in that specific part of the world? Use your wardrobe to best emulate the native dress. Use materials around the house to fashion an impromptu hula skirt or berrette.



Spend the day making model crafts of famous buildings, landmarks, sculptures, and paintings from that region. How about an Eiffel Tower made of toothpicks and marshmallows? A miniature erupting volcano? Your version of the Mona Lisa?



Don’t forget to take plenty of photos to put together in your family vacation album. Print the photos and make the scrapbooking a lovely finale to your educational adventure!