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Learning Through Play: 4 Quick Tips for Early Development

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Learning Through Play: 4 Quick Tips for Early Development

Are Games Good For Learning?

Yes! But don’t take our word for it… According to Albert Einstein, games are not simply good, they’re necessary. Einstein says; “Play is the highest form of research.”

Why are Games so Good For Learning?

The Simple Science Behind Learning Through Play:

Games engage the entire brain (motor skills, senses, everything!) to make learning happen easier. The more variety with which a concept is introduced (different sights, smells, dances, songs, etc), the more likely it is to be retained.

Research shows in order to master something, repetition is key; it’s estimated being ‘world class’ in anything requires about 10,000 hours of practice. While the concept must be repeated, it’s best if the reward and lesson vary in some way. Finally, motivation is at it’s peak when there are random elements to the reward.

Games provide a perfect environment where the same skill can be practiced under constantly new and unique circumstances (think paper flashcards vs an interactive world).

Here at Cubic Frog® headquarters we believe in the power of learning through play. It’s our specialty to know the how, why, and what makes a game a successful learning experience. And, we’d love to share our findings with you…

Cubic Frog® Apps 4 Musts for Kids Educational Games:

1. Games which utilize different avenues of senses: sight, touch, and hearing. By utilizing more senses we engage different parts of the brain which ensures more opportunity for remembrance.

2. Where one particular skill is focused on (ABC’s or 123’s) but in several different approaches.

3. Being rewarded in some way for participating helps to ensure children will continue their practice.

4. Customizable, so the game can grow with the child’s increasing ability. Being challenged is essential to learning through play, but the challenge shouldn’t be too easy or too difficult, experiment to find just the right level.

Cubic Frog® Apps have a variety of educational games which feature bright colors, touch and vocal commands, totally customizable levels, and innovative rewards.