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4 Easy Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom

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4 Easy Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom

With rapidly changing technology it can be intimidating to try and incorporate technology in the classroom. What is modern and current one moment is old and outdated the next.

Our experience in both the tech and teaching world is the best way to use technology in the classroom is to put it in the hands of your students. This ‘hands off’ approach takes pressure off the teacher to always have the latest and greatest technology that’s always working flawlessly. Instead, give your students the task to find and make the technology work for themselves. Students will learn more by having to figure out and become comfortable with technology than by watching a teacher.

Here are our favorite, easy ways to use technology in the classroom, in every classroom, and flawlessly!


  1. Incorporate educational learning apps into lessons

There are tons of great educational apps for kids on the market. Educational apps for children are a great way to join playing fun games, learning, and technology. Match particular games (math, reading, alphabet, mixed) that complement the particular lesson your classroom is learning now. Here’s some of the best kids apps on the market now and you can also ask your students and their parents for their top apps picks.


  1. Create a class blog

Sites like wordpress and tumblr make it free and easy to start a class blog. Students can be responsible for updating the blog themselves as well as creating the material in and outside of class. It’s also a great way for students to show off their hard work to friends and family.


  1. E-mail pen pals

Pen pals 2.0. Same concept as the old-style pen and paper, but with e-mail. Now-a-days there’s tons of sites that connect classrooms to one another so students can form friendships near and far. You can have students create special e-mail accounts for pen-pal purposes only, to ensure privacy and safety of students. Pen pals are a fantastic way to use technology in the classroom as well as practice formal and informal writing skills!


  1. Make your own podcast

Don’t be frightened, it’s much easier than you might expect! There tons of downloadable apps and google videos that make creating a podcast a piece of cake! Podcasts are especially great for more sensory based learning and students who might have trouble participating in writing or reading activities, but flourish in listening and speaking. And, it’s another fun way to share kids learning with their friends and family.


And don’t forget to send us your technological masterpieces! We love hearing from our Frog Fans.